By Marshall Bird LL.B. LL.M. one of the best-known names in the field of Creative Business Financing and Business Startups both online and offline.
How to Start a Business Using
None of Your Own Cash

No Cash Startups How to Start a Business Using None of Your Own Cash

If you want to turn your business idea into a money-making venture - or expand your existing business - but haven't done so because you

  • Don't have all the money you need

  • Don't have any of the money you need

  • Don't want to use all of your own money

  • Don't want to or can't borrow

  • Don't want to or can't find investors

    Congratulations ... 

    You're at the right place

    This is the Number 1 Course on No-Cash Startups - Packed with original and innovative ways to get your business started even if you have little or no cash of your own; PLUS all the guidance you'll need to convert your ideas into income.

    No-Cash Startups is the complete guide to the savviest business startup strategies and creative financing solutions ...

    All the options - alternatives - techniques - tips - and super-smart ways to start, finance and expand any business.

    Learn from the low-cash and no-cash expert - international lawyer Marshall Bird. For details about the author of No-Cash Startups click here

    "I highly recommend No-Cash Startups as a "must read" to anybody who is thinking about starting a business or wanting to expand an existing business. It will challenge the way you look at how to finance a project or business forever!

    "I predict that it will become THE reference tool of future business champions who dared to think beyond the square."

    Barry White, Accountant, New Zealand

    You'll Discover ALL the Secrets of No-Cash Financing

    No-Cash Startups shows you every effective way there is to set your business up. It contains hundreds of separate strategies, techniques and examples - many of them developed by the author and never before published.

    You get smarter faster. Just choose the topics you want practical, step-by-step guidance on - and click straight to the information you need.

    For example, there's specific advice on -

    Low-cost and no-cost ways to get workers - premises - equipment - machinery - inventory - marketing -advisors ... 306 pages jammed with specific strategies just for these key business areas.

    But there are much more. Such as -

    • How to get cash before you even open your doors. (You'll discover a whole range of ways to do that.)

    • The art of using alternatives to cash. (All of the options are listed.)

    • The 10 Keys for creatively financing your business - exclusive to this course.

    • How the financing process really works (most books get it wrong), and how to find the approach that? best for your startup.
    And those are just some of the secrets revealed.

    "Absolutely brilliant. I wasn't expecting to set up my business so quickly. In fact I guess I really didn't actually think I could get the money I needed to start. But I read your strategies, used some of your ideas, and managed to start up without having to go to lenders."

    Sarah Tyler, Computer Accessories, England

    Dozens of Templates You Can Follow to Start and Grow Your Business

    These are real-world "How they did it" examples to show you the strategies at work. Among them -

    • How a student started a business with virtually no money and has grown it to annual sales of $700 million.

    • A no-cash startup that worked like magic (even though the business' premises were an airport parking lot!)

    • Exactly how the most successful startup in publishing history was put together - without one cent of the owner's own cash, and using just a few of the techniques you'll learn in No-Cash Startups.

    • How a lady on welfare started a confectionery company with no business background, no money and no connections
    PLUS - there's a separate volume that deals only with powerful
    and unusual strategies for use in special situations.

    There's nothing else like this: You can't get information in this depth and quality anywhere else at ANY price. But you don't need to pay the hundreds of dollars this course is worth because it can be downloaded - the savings are passed on to you.

    No-Cash Startups is amazing value: 8 volumes - 972 pages of vital information - for under US$40! You get the complete program delivered to you in easy-to-read PDF format - and it's available NOW for immediate download.

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    Can You Really Start a Business With Little or No Cash of Your Own?

    No Cash Startups is clearly presented and an easy read - click image to enlarge

    Yes - you can.  B-U-T ...

    You HAVE to use the strategies and techniques spelled out in this course. There is no other way.

    No-Cash Startups teaches you hundreds of the shrewdest and smartest ways to set your venture up and structure things using minimum money...

    Step-by-step advice that can be used to start virtually any business, and operating methods that ensure your business will be lean, properly focused, and pointed towards profit right from the opening bell.

    No Cash Startups How to Start a Business Using None of Your Own Cash

    ... And No Matter Which Country You Live In.

    The strategies in No-Cash Startups work no matter which country you live in and no matter what type of business you want to establish or expand.

    • The course covers the whole range of no-cash and low-cash options: You just choose what will work best for you.
    Different states or countries have different requirements and practices. Local conditions (or laws) will sometimes mean you need to apply a strategy in a particular way.

    That's why there are thousands of examples and options to choose from.

    No-Cash Startups also contains the real keys that ANY startup ANY where must apply to succeed - no matter where the business will be operating.

    Why You Won't Learn These Strategies Anywhere Else

    The first edition of Marshall Bird's "How to Start A Business Using None of Your Own Cash" was published in California in 1986. It set out the lessons he? learned from years of trials, errors and successes in his own businesses and as an Attorney at Law involved in no-cash ("leveraged") buy-outs.

    In the 21 years since, he has never stopped testing and refining low-cash and no-cash strategies.

    • As well as collecting together all of the 'standard' approaches, he developed hundreds of specific new and innovative techniques anyone can use to get a business open and operating profitably even if they don? have much cash.
    Then he took a year to completely revise his own unique strategies and secrets, add additional material - and package it all to create a

    "Total No-Cash Toolbox"

    That's why the brand-new version of No-Cash Startups is different from all the other material you'll find about starting and financing a business. And much better.

    In fact, there's not really anything else you can compare it with. Which is why No-Cash Startups is fast becoming known as ?he Bible of Business Startups and Financing"

    Take a look here to see what the program includes

    "I just have to tell you I was absolutely blown away with these products. I cannot get over the information I have received so far, and how little I paid for it. You certainly are not charging enough. I am in the process of starting my own business, and just glancing through the information so far, I think it? going to be extremely helpful to me in launching."

    Christine Werner, Certified Asset Protection Consultant, PA

    Those comments are unsolicited - so there? no need to just take our word that No-Cash Startups is not only the best program of its kind at any price, it is also astonishing value.

    For an investment of only US$39.95 you can -

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    Within minutes you'll receive the total program that can make your business idea a reality. If you are not completely satisfied, you are covered by our guarantee.

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    I've just finished reading a copy of your Business Startup ebook and am very impressed with your style and direct approach. A truly meaty manual that should be on the must read list of anyone contemplating starting any type of business."

    Jeff Steffens,, USA

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